Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Welcome to Easton Pennsylvania's newest source of vetted, quality news and information, along with timely coverage of local events and happenings, people and business profiles, a weekly entertainment guide, interesting opinions and anything else we can think of.

We plan to bring you a little bit of Everything in Easton, which definitely includes everyone in Easton.

Why “eccentric”? Because as we all know, no one here is merely average, and we're all a little off-center. Which is a good thing. Who'd want to be that boring? Or live in a place where nothing happens?

Also, we're the Easton Eccentric because we're politically independent, even non-Euclidean, if you will. Left and right are quickly becoming irrelevant, tired labels used more for obfuscation than illumination. And frankly, for the place that was where the Declaration of Independence was read for the third time ever and our country was founded, that's just not good enough.

What matters most in our city, and beyond, is our collective quality of life and the truth. It's our goal to contribute to both, as well as being entertaining and educating.

Be sure to stop by daily for the latest, and add yourself to our email list so you won't miss a thing. Additionally, be sure to tell us what you think. Because here, YOU, the resident, the citizen, the visitor, and the observer, matter most!

Got an idea, a letter to the editor, a contribution, a valid rant, a new business, a new baby, a great photo, a piece of art, a family milestone or something else significant? Got a blog? A video or podcast? Send it on!

We want to see it all—and we're betting your neighbors do too...

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  1. Easton Eccentric.....I am a Cognitive Psychologist...I have seen mamy many behaviours that I thought were odd,Please let me know if I am allowede to share my EXPERIENCES......I want to know if I am the only person that thinks they are wierd BEHAVIOURS.........Tunsie JAZZ FEZ