Monday, March 31, 2014

New York Man to Be Charged in Eddy G's Murder

Miguel Angel Rodriguez
Photo contributed by
the Easton Police Department
The Easton Police Department has announced that they and the Northampton County District Attorney's office have obtained an arrest warrant for Miguel Angel Rodriguez, 19, who will be charged with criminal homicide for his alleged role in the shooting death of Damien Robinson, which occurred at the former Eddie G's Bar last year, on February 9, 2013.

Rodriguez, allegedly a member of the Very Crispy Gangsters or the VCGs in Brooklyn, was also charged last year, in November 2013, with attempted homicide in connection with the shooting of Eric Edwards, which occurred on December 19, 2011, in the 1300 block of Washington Street.

Rodriguez is currently in the custody of the New York City Department of Corrections and being held on unspecified separate charges that occurred in that city, the EPD added in a media release.

He was arrested by Easton police on February 21, 2013 on charges of drunken driving and drug offenses after a standoff in a home on Glendon Avenue in Easton's South Side neighborhood, and later extradited to New York on charges of attempted homicide related to a gang dispute.

The latest charges homicide in the Eddie G's case are the result of grand jury findings, authorities indicated.

Robinson was shot multiple times in the chest and later died in an area hospital.


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  2. These people that own Eddie G's are N.G. (no good.) Their kind are a bunch of trouble makers. They have contributed to the decline of the City of Easton. No one of their clan are any good. I can't believe the city named a street for one of them. And you carry their water and their flag all the time. Your posts about them are sickening from their Church events, their "special" holy days, and their bingo. That boy who got "ordained" is a joke. He condones this kind of behavior and turns a blind eye away from it. This behavior has gotten someone killed. Easton needs to rid the town of their kind.

    1. Eddie G's has been gone for nearly a year--the place closed its doors permanently a few months after the shooting. To attribute a murder allegedly committed by one of its patrons, one that also allegedly shot and wounded another man in Easton and is linked by authorities to violent crimes in NYC to an entire ethnic community comprised of hundreds of people with a 100+ year history of local residency and hard work in our (happily, very diverse) city is insane, even more so since the alleged actor in the crime definitely is not a member of that community nor even an Easton resident.

      Further, the statement "Easton needs to rid the town of their kind" is eerily reminiscent of "Germany needs to rid the country of their kind," repeated 70-80 years ago in Europe, which had the horrid and disasterous consequences of persecution and genocide. Have you actually thought that statement through? Bigotry and hatred never leads to anything good, but since you don't live here nor are you invested in this city, it's probably a decent bet the good people of Easton are pretty apathetic to what you think Easton needs and thankfully won't be following your unsolicited advice any time soon.

      Lastly, posting such a venomous and bigoted comment anonymously is just cowardly. But I know perfectly well who you are. In the interests of free speech, I've decided to allow this one comment to stand, despite its ugliness. Be warned though, attacks, harping repeatedly on the same subject and/posting off-topic is prohibited here. Post whatever toxic rant you want on your own blog, but know that further attempts to disparage any person or group of people here on The Easton Eccentric will be deleted without discussion.

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