Sunday, July 1, 2012

Two Rivers Brewing Company to Open Aug. 11

Two Rivers Brewing Company, which will occupy the former Mount Vernon Alehouse at the five-point intersection of Sixth, Walnut and Northampton streets, will officially open its restaurant on Saturday, August 11, co-owner Troy Reynard said last week.

While unloading lighting fixtures from his car on Tuesday, Reynard said remodeling is going well, and while the project has been a lot of work, no unexpected problems have cropped up during the continuing construction work on the 150-year-old building.

Work in the bar area is nearly complete.
Local band Go Trio will play at 9 p.m. on the 11th, and the new establishment expects to hold a couple of "friends and family" nights prior to the official opening to make sure everything goes smoothly, Reynard also said.

Two Rivers will initially serve local craft brews while it gets its own beer production up and running, expected to happen about two months after the restaurant is up and running.

The eastern wall of Two Rivers Brewing
Company is currently being repointed.
The establishment is still seeking to fill a few positions, Reynard said. Those that are interested in working for Two Rivers may contact him through his other Easton business, The Cosmic Cup, located at 520 March St. on College Hill. The coffee house may also be reached at 610-438-3211.

Updates about Two Rivers' progress, as well as announcements about tasting events, may be found on the establishment's Facebook page.

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