Sunday, January 13, 2013

Scene in Easton: Chase the Chill 'Bombs' Southside

Angela Boehm, Rachel Hosterman and Susan Huxley
prepare to hit Southside and drape the neighborhood
with warm, handmade scarves.
Since their last stealth giveaway in November, when they "bombed" the West Ward and Downtown with more than 500 warm, colorful handmade creations, Chase the Chill stitchers have been busy knitting and crocheting more new scarves.

With about 100 more in hand, four of the group—Susan Huxley, Robin Phelps, Angela Boehm, and Rachel Hosterman—decided to do another random scarf bombing on Easton’s Southside.
Rachel Hosterman, in stealth scarf "bombing" mode, looks for a
likely spot for a random act of kindness in Easton's Southside
on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday, they drove around looking for suitable spots, hanging a handful at each place they stopped.

Information contributed by Susan Huxley, photos by Robin Phelps. Thanks!

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