Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Easton Police Seek Suspect in West Ward Burglaries

A series of robberies that have taken place in Easton's West Ward neighborhood over the last two months have police asking the public to help catch the culprit.
At least eleven houses have been burglarized since April, with the items stolen including cash, computers, televisions, and jewelry, among other portable things of value.
Detective Matthew Reagan said that evidence has been collected in many of the cases, but it was only recently that police realized the string of home thefts were connected. He added that police believe the culprit or possibly culprits, are operating on foot, as unlike other area burglaries, no vehicles have been associated with these.
Additionally, police just got a description of a possible suspect from an alert citizen yesterday, when the latest of the thefts took place.
The suspect is described as being a white male in his 30s, with a slender build, brown hair and a mustache. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt when last seen.
Authorities added that the culprit(s) have gotten into homes a variety of ways, including front, back, and basement doors, as well as first floor windows. In at least one instance, entrance into a victim's home was apparently made by pushing in a window air conditioning unit.
And, in at least some of the incidents, homes that were targeted had doors or windows that were left unlocked, police said.
"I have no problem saying that criminals are lazy," Reagan said, adding they typically will go after easy targets that are unsecured.
The thief or theives have struck in the following areas, police said:
  • 1000 block of Spruce Street
  • 200 block of South 12th Street
  • 100 block of South 11th Street
  • 1400 block of Lehigh Street
  • 1100 block of Lehigh Street
  • 600 block of Ferry Street
  • 100 block of North 10th Street
  • 800 block of Bushkill Street
  • 900 block of Bushkill Street
  • 200 block of North 11th Street (twice)
"If something suspicious is observed it is important that police are notified immediately," the EPD says.
Someone walking around with a television, or similar circumstances, were used as an example.
Those who might witness a crime in progress should call 911 immediately, police said.
Members of the public who have information on any of the burglaries or may have witnessed suspicious circumstances in the last couple of months that may be related to the crimes should call Detective Matthew Rush at 610-250-6639 or call the EPD tip line at 610-250-6635. Callers may remain anonymous.
"We'll take any information we can," Reagan said.

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