Friday, June 21, 2013

NY Rapper to Shoot Video on Centre Square

By Christina Georgiou

Rapper Young Chizz will shoot a video for his latest release "#Mobbin" Saturday, beginning at 4 p.m. on Downtown Easton's Centre Square.

Those present will reportedly have the possible opportunity to be in the video's background shots if they sign a release. But whether as participants or spectators, the public is invited to the shoot, according to T.O.N.Y Media Group, who is producing the video.

Mayor Sal Panto with Young Chizz, as the artist posted the
meeting on Monday to Instagram.
The shoot was apparently confirmed after Young Chizz met with Mayor Sal Panto in his office on Monday.

"So I just got out of a meeting with the #Mayor and he told whatever I need, it's not a problem. #mobbin" the rapper tweeted  on June 17.

Young Chizz also posted a photo of himself and Panto on Instagram, presumably at the meeting's conclusion.

The video is being shot in a number of locations--the Easton shoot on Saturday is the seventh, according to Young Chizz tweets. Washington DC and Norfolk, VA, as well as Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx in New York have also been video filming locations.

The event in Centre Square seems likely to draw a crowd, and is also probably designed to do so, as T.O.N.Y., is selling t-shirts with the #Mobbin logo that reflect the Easton shoot's location.

Shirts are also available on the production company's website for most of the other video shoot locations.

Hip-hop artist Ed Monsta, who is also signed with T.O.N.Y. and is from Easton, is also set to make an appearance in the #Mobbin shoot Saturday.

Ed Monsta, as seen recently on his Facebook page.
#Mobbin was released earlier this year. Young Chizz's first single as a solo performer was "Swagger on a Million."

According to Young Chizz's page on Reverbnation, the hip-hop artist, born Naeem Cunningham in Jamaica Queens, turned to rapping as a way to escape the poverty and violence that plagued his neighborhood. Until recently, when he struck out on his own, he was one half of the hip-hop "super duo" Fame & Chizz.
His debut album, of which #Mobbin will be a part, is entitled "Why Not?" The video for #Mobbin is reportedly to be shown on MTV.

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