Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weyerbacher Wednesdays Kickoff Packs Centre Square

By Christina Georgiou

Though many probably don't realize it, over its 261 year history, the Easton Farmers' Market, which reopened for the season last month, traditionally ran two days a week, not just on Saturdays.

Yesterday evening, that tradition was revived with the kickoff of "Weyerbacher Wednesdays", which packed Centre Square with a smiling throng of people, eager to partake of the market's fresh, locally produced goodies.

With brief opening remarks by EFM Manager Megan McBride, an appearance by "Sunny", the market mascot, Weyerbacher manager Bill Bragg, and Easton Mayor Sal Panto, the Wednesday market was officially declared open by Easton Town Crier David Rose.

"It's a great day in Downtown Easton," Panto said, quipping, "The only thing I was in charge is the weather. If it was bad, it would have been City Council."

Weyerbacher Brewery, located in South Side Easton, is sponsoring the new Wednesday hours for the market, and free beer samples were clearly a big hit with the crowd. Though lines were sometimes long at the Weyerbacher tent, no one seemed to mind.

Many of the other vendors--22 in all--were also handing out samples, which all appeared to be well-received.

The Wednesday vendor line up is different from the Saturday one, and a number of other Easton businesses have gotten in on the action too.

Included in the list are Sweet Girlz Bakery, Bank Street Creamery, Compost, the newly opened Briva Coffee, and the Arts Community of Easton.

A well-rounded assortment of vendors selling produce, cheese, meats, prepared foods, and crafts from other nearby areas completes the mix.

One of the draws for both vendors and visitors seems to be the plethora of fresh, healthy, local, delicious goods that avoid artificial and genetically modified ingredients.

Or, as one person in the crowd was overheard saying Wednesday night, "It's all really good stuff."

Running from 4 to 8 p.m. on Centre Square through September, Weyerbacher Wednesdays at the Easton Farmers' Market is also planning a number of special events, with the first one coming up on June 19, when the Two Rivers Roller Derby will be at the market doing a demo, and market-goers are invited to bring their skates for a whirl around the circle too.

The market will, of course, continue to run on Saturdays, from 9 to 1 p.m. too.

But with two sets of vendors, those who wish to get the most out of the oldest continuously-running open air farmers' market in America would do well to stop by twice a week.

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