Monday, June 17, 2013

Retrospective Screening to Kick Off Indiegogo Film Fundraising Campaign

By Christina Georgiou

MaGiK Studio, 34 Sebring St. in Downtown Easton, will hold a retrospective film screening of "Close to You" this Saturday evening, June 22, beginning at 7 p.m., which will also introduce attendees to the animator Maciek Albrecht's latest project, a three-minute animated video for Allentown beatbox jazz performer Yancarlos Sanchez's tune, "Ma Pacu Meaw".

The pair, who recently met at one of Sanchez's shows, hopes to raise $5,999 on Indiegogo to support the project. While at first the amount may sound steep, the budget includes set building, animation, and pretty much the entire production, Albrecht said, noting that even a short stop-motion animation clip takes weeks to produce and edit.

A test shot of the animated short shows Yancarlos Sanchez
exploring the depths of an ancient forest.
Photo contributed by MaGiK Studio.
 The short film, when successfully funded, will chronicle an ornithologist/explorer, played by  Sanchez, venturing into the depths of an ancient forest in search of the legendary bird Ma Pacu Meaw. Using his bird calling skills, he stumbles upon the "Temple of Lost Species" and encounters many magnificent and forgotten birds concealed from known civilization. He then  undergoes an initiation ritual and decides to live among them, Albrecht said.

The subject not only will highlight Sanchez's unique beatbox style, but also hopefully raise awareness of the danger many tropical birds face due to global warming and other manmade environemental hazards, Albrecht added.

Sanchez originally hails from the Dominican Republic.

The event at MaGiK's Easton studio will feature a 40-minute film from the studio's past works, a love story about two people in 1990s New York City destined for each other, but who are unable to meet.

Maciek Albrecht talks about the upcoming retrospective film
screening and his new project collaboration with beatbox
artist Yancarlos Sanchez at his studio in Downtown Easton.
 While the main characters may have difficulties, the award-winning film's production is where Albrecht and his wife Elli got to know each other and fall in love, eventually marrying and moving to Downtown Easton.

In addition to the screening and a personal explanation of the new project, there will be an art sale, and Yancarlos Sanchez will perform beginning around 9:30 p.m. Refreshments will be on hand as well.

Fundraising on Indiegogo will continue through Saturday, July 20, and, like many crowdfunding efforts, Albrecht and Sanchez are offering a variety of incentives to backers, depending on the level of support, including free signed CDs, beatbox lessons and how-to animation workshops.

For more information about MaGiK Studio, including short clips, click here.

For more about the showing of "Close to You", visit the event's Facebook page. RSVPs, either via Facebook or by phone at 610-983-8125, are appreciated.

For more about the new collaborative short film project or to donate,
click here.

For more about Yancarlos Sanchez, click here.

Yancarlos Sanchez will also be performing at Porters' Pub this week, where he is a familiar face in Easton on many Thursday nights. For more information, click here.

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