Saturday, July 20, 2013

Scene in Easton: Production Company Filming Potential Cable Show in City

By Christina Georgiou

A New York video production company visited Downtown Easton Friday afternoon
to shoot footage for a potential new cable television show.
 An unidentified production company from New York was seen filming footage for a potential new history show for a major cable television network on the first block of South Third Street in Downtown Easton late Friday afternoon.

A production assistant with the company declined to give detailed information about the show or who's involved, saying that the group was filming pilot footage to pitch to the network, which has not yet approved its production or agreed to fund it.

"You never know about these things," she said. "We could hear back in two weeks, or it could be four months."

She said the show being pitched is about the "love of American history, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, that sort of thing." It was hinted that the test footage may be intended for The History Channel.

If the show is approved to be taped for air, the crew will definitely be returning to Easton in the future to shoot more scenes, she said.

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