Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Skate Event Coming to Centre Square in September

By Christina Georgiou

Drinky's general manager Tommy Urglavitch, second from
right, talks about the Drinky's Downtown Skate Jam, planned
for September in Easton 's Centre Square, accompanied by
other Drinky's representatives and Mayor Sal Panto.
Snowboarders may be disappointed to hear they won't be an event for them on Easton's Centre Square this year, but skaterboarders will get to enjoy an event dedicated to their sport in its place this September.

Drinky's announced Monday that the pub will be sponsoring the new event, dubbed "Drinky's Downtown Skate Jam", on Saturday, Sept. 14, running from 2 to 8 p.m.

An after-party for those over 21 is planned for the Centre Square pub as well, said Drinky's general managaer Tommy Urglavitch.

"We're excited about it because it will bring young people to town," said Mayor Sal Panto at a press conference announcing the new event.

The skateboarding event will have something for skaters of all ages and abilities, and will feature a 4-foot high, 8-foot wide, 26-foot long half pipe provided by sponsor Red Bull. The city's mobile skate park will be set up as well, Urglavitch said.

Smaller ramps and courses will be set up for skateboard enthusiasts as young as 5 to 6 years old too. Urglavitch said the event is designed to appeal to all ages.

In addition to Red Bull, Saucony Creek Brewing will also be a major sponsor, along with the City of Easton, he said.

SCB owner Matt Lindenmuth, who is a star skateboarder and alumni of the X-Games, Gravity Games, and the AST Dew Tour, will be on hand for the Drinky's Downtown Skate Jam, and will be bringing friends along for the event too, Urglavitch promised.
While the former snowboarding event was part of larger tour, Red Bull's Butter Cup, Drinky's Downtown Skate Jam is a stand-alone event.

"This one's just for us in Downtown Easton," Urglavitch said. "It's just a way for us to showcase, to show everyone what's happening in the city."

The eastern half of Centre Square, along with Northampton
Street between Second and Third Streets will be closed to
allow space for the various skateboarding events and
equipment during the Drinky's Downtown Skate Jam
in September.

The eastern half of Centre Square will be closed for the event, which will also take up Northampton Street between Second and Third streets. The 2 p.m. starting time is ideal, said Panto, since it won't interfere with the Easton Farmers' Market, which ends at 1 p.m.

Traffic will still be able to flow south through the circle, which will ensure the event doesn't cause backups on Route 22 off the Fourth Street exit, and other Downtown traffic will easily be rerouted around the event on Second and Fourth Streets, Panto added.

Community Spirit Day, which has traditionally taken place in the city around the same time as the new Drinky's Downtown Skate Jam, won't be held this year.

Tighter city finances mean the city needs to be more economical when it comes to holding city events and supporting those run by volunteer committees, Panto said--as a result, Community Spririt Day, which was supported entirely by city funding, has been cancelled this year.

"We'd rather support the events that can grow," the mayor said, adding that he expects the Drinky's Downtown Skate Jam, along with other Downtown festivals, such as the Easton Garlic Fest in October encourage more visitors to Easton, and encourage more people to shop, eat, and drink in the city.

Urglavitch said a dedicated website for the skate jam will be coming soon, but for now, the best way to get updates about plans for the event are through the pub's website at www.drinkys.com

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