Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Upcoming Art Show to Reimagine Social Movements

Artists have often been moved to take part in social movements and had strong opinions about various causes, and that will be the topic of the Arts Community of Easton's upcoming show at the Quadrant Gallery C, opening on Saturday, August 3, with a reception from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Entitled "Reanimated Movements", the show will include the topics of civil rights, American poverty, women’s suffrage, conscientious objection, laborer’s rights, Roe vs. Wade, and more, says a media release on the exhibit.

Ryan Scacci, of The Philosopher’s Stone in Belvidere, NJ will debut "Artist as Martyr", intended to be a commentary on the role of artists in society. A number of other Lehigh Valley artists reimagining and reanimating causes they feel strongly about will also be featured as well.

"Many of the pieces will feature compelling commentary for the public, making this a show of culture and education," said show curator Marlana Eck in an announcement of the show.

Two live poetry events will accompany the art exhibit.

Event organizer and poet Matt Wolf, along with other local poets, will perform activist-inspired poetry at the opening day reception, and again on Saturday, August 24.

The poetry readings complement the show's theme, Eck noted.

"Over the years, artists have been the backbone to social movements around the world. Whether it was a photograph of someone picketing, a portrait of a martyr for the cause, or a poster for a rally, art created a sense of urgency for change," she said in the press release.

Quadrant Gallery C is located on the second floor of the Quadrant Bookmart and Coffee House, at 20 North Third St. The show is scheduled to run through Saturday, Sept. 7.

The exhibit is still accepting pieces from local artists until August 1 too. Open to works in all mediums, the only stipulation is that those submitted must be inspired by a social movement that the artist  strongly identifies with from any period in history. 

For more information about the show or how to submit art for this exhibition, visit or email show curator Marlana Eck.

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