Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tickets to Easton Jazz Festival, Martin Zippel Award Presentation Available

The Boys & Girls Club of Easton will present the Annual Martin Zippel Award to The Kiwanis Club of Easton and the Easton Kiwanis Foundation on Friday, September 14 at 5:30 p.m., at Lafayette College's Williams Center for the Arts, at 730 High St., in recognition of the Kiwanis’ outstanding service to Easton’s youth.

Tickets are available to the public for the awards ceremony and include a seat at the Easton Jazz Festival, which follows at 8 p.m.

This year  marks the 26th anniversary of the Easton Jazz Festival with the main performance by Stefon Harris and the 90 Miles Project.  The Jazz Festival is the Club’s primary fundraising event

The 2012 Martin Zippel Award will be presented to Barbara Kowitz, president-elect of the Kiwanis Club of Easton, and Roger Conners II, president of the Easton Kiwanis Foundation.

The award was established by Boys & Girls Club Executive Director Dean Young in 1996 in honor of Martin Zippel, a club Past-President and member of the Board of Directors to recognize Zippel’s outstanding leadership, dedication and financial support of the Club since its opening in 1974.

“The Kiwanis Club has been a stalwart leader in this community serving local youth through diverse campaigns and projects" Young said in a recent press release. "The organization has provided consistent financial support to the Boys & Girls Club through some difficult times, and we are grateful especially for their support of our relocation back to the Southside Clubhouse."

Tickets for the 2012 Martin Zippel Award and Easton Jazz Festival are $20 per person and are available from the Boys & Girls Club of Easton. 

Call Dean Young at 484-239-2075 or email for more information about the event.

For more information about the Boys & Girls Club of Easton, visit

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