Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Former "Cow" Approved for a Flash of Purple

By Christina Georgiou

The newly renamed Bank Street Creamery has already
updated its window lettering and will soon be adding a
purple awning above the door to make the shop more
visible from Northampton and Pine streets.
It may not be called "Purple Cow" any longer, but the Bank Street Creamery isn't giving up the color, or the cow, any time soon.

Easton's Historic District Commission unanimously approved an application from the ice cream parlor to add a domed purple awning over the front door Monday evening.

Additionally, the board approved the creamery's new window lettering reflecting the new name, without discussion. The new name has already been installed in a style identical to the old, due to the business being threatened with legal action by a corporation in Michigan that recently trademarked the moniker.

One HDC member asked co-owner Lynn Wallen if the business had considered a "shed-style" awning instead of a rounded shape.

"We looked at it, but it wasn't cute," Wallen said.

She added the shop wants to add the awning to make the entrance to the business more visible from both Northampton and Pine streets.

"Normally, I recommend against this style, but in this case I think it might be an advantage," said HDC consultant Christine Uhler.

After approving both changes to the ice cream parlor's facade, HDC member William Dohe asked, referring to the business' name change, "Does this mean your (purple cow) mascot has to wear a pocket watch?"


  1. Hot dogs, then ice cream.....this girl has the right attitude to life.
    I hope beer is next.

    1. Thanks! Funny you should mention beer...keep reading, you might just see it soon. ;-)