Sunday, April 21, 2013

Scene in Easton: The Fifth Annual Easton Pub Crawl

About 400 people hit the streets of Easton Saturday for the Fifth Annual Easton Pub Crawl. With only one thing in mind--having a great time--the event seemed to be a hit with all.
The first $4,000 raised by the event went to the Easton Business Association, with the remaining income from the eve day going to the Easton Main Street Initiative.

Beginning at Champ's Corner, Larry Holmes' restaurant on the riverside street named for the former world heavyweight champion, pub crawlers were transported by trolley to a choice of other participating establishments and then "crawled" the streets to each of the others along the way for a chance to win gift cards at the end of the night.
Participating bars included Porters' Pub, Black and Blue, Two Rivers Brewing Company, the Lafayette Bar, Maxim's 22, Pearly Bakers and Drinky's.

An after-party at Rivals Sports Bar capped the evening, where the pub crawlers were treated to food and danced the night away.


Note: To The Easton Eccentric's extreme frustration, an error occurred during the photo upload process which apparently corrupted some of the information on our camera card. Unfortunately, all of the photos from the Rival after-party, many of which were quite awesome, were cast into electronic oblivion. We have been attempting to negotiate with the proper technical deities for their return, though so far they have not favored us. We will continue to offer prayers to the gods of all things technical  (in the form of  specialized retrieval and recovery programs)  in the hope that our fortunes in this matter may change for the better. Please stop back again on this page later to see if we've been successful.
This has never happened before, in more than 30,000 photos taken over the photographer's career, and we sincerely hope it never happens ever again!

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  1. Tunsie at the Lafayette Bar is the BEST!!! More power to the people. Stay strong!