Sunday, November 24, 2013

'Straight A' Students Eligible for Free Admission to Crayola

Students who get all As on their report card for a year will get more than just academic kudos--they're eligible to get into The Crayola Experience for free as a reward for their achievement.

The Crayola Experience has just announced that it will offer one free ticket to every student that presents a report card with straight A's for the cumulative year.

Students whose schools don't grade with the traditional A through F system are also eligible to receive a free ticket if they present a report card that shows they have received only the highest marks for the past year in whatever system is used.

The program is open to all elementary and middle school students, from kindergarten through 8th grade.

In addition to rewarding individual students, school classes can register with The Crayola Experience and the class with the most straight A students will win an appearance by Tip, Crayola's crayon character.

Principals interested in registering to participate in the program should call the Crayola Experience group sales department at 610-559-6604 to sign up.

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