Friday, December 6, 2013

Easton Police Looking for Graffiti Tagger

Video surveillance captured this image of a suspected graffiti tagger in
Downtown Easton in the early hours of Thursday, Dec. 5. Police
are asking the public's help in identifying the man.
Photos courtesy of the Easton Police Department
A number of repeated incidents of graffiti tagging in the Downtown district have Easton Police looking for the culprit or culprits.

Police say the graffiti first appeared in November, with a second wave of vandalism cropping up again this past week.

The suspect or suspects have spray painted the same symbol, with slight variations, on a number of buildings and garages. Graffiti that was removed by the City of Easton was repainted again on several of the same buildings again this week, police said.

While the suspect or suspects remain unknown, video surveillance captured a man in the act in the early morning hours of Thursday, December 5.

This spray painted graffiti symbol has cropped up a number
of times in Downtown Easton since November, with the
most recent spate happening earlier this week.
The Easton Police Department is asking the public's help in identifying the individual seen in the picture above, noting that there may be a second man working with the tagger.

Employees of stores that sell spray paint in the local area are also asked to be on the lookout for the man in the picture and to recall recent sales of spray paint that might have been to him. The graffiti has been found in purple, pink, black and red.

Any information can be left on the Easton Police Department Tipline at 610-250-6635.

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