Thursday, December 5, 2013

West Ward Deli Offers More Than Just the Average

By Christina Georgiou

Owner Danny Roman, third from right, cuts the ribbon at the grand opening
celebration of Pan-Tree Deli early Wednesday evening, as Easton councilman
Jeff Warren, state Representative Bob Freeman and Easton Mayor Sal Panto,
accompanied by Two Rivers Chamber of Commerce representatives and a
crowd of about 40 other attendees (not pictured) applaud.
Most new delis and corner stores would have a quiet ribbon-cutting for their grand opening celebration and be done with it. But Pan-Tree, which just opened its doors on the corner of South Seventh and Northampton streets in Easton's West Ward is a little bit different.

Strains of high energy music provided by a deejay on the sidewalk greeted the more than 40 people that showed up for the shop's grand opening Wednesday afternoon. But that's only one of the ways Pan-Tree going the extra mile.

While the deli offers the usual fare, the store also carries a selection of  healthy, local food in addition to the usual offerings of sandwiches, chips, basic staples, and sodas.

"I grew up around the neighborhood. I think small business should support small business," Roman said.

Easton Mayor Sal Panto checks out the selection of raw
milk, yogurt, and cheeses from Klein Farms Pan-Tree Deli
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The take-out eatery's rolls and bread come from Lusitania bakery in Bethlehem, and it carries a full array of dairy products from Klein Farms, located just a few miles away in Forks Township. The meats and cold cuts are all Boar's Head. Ready-to-heat-and-eat  meals from Challenger Foods in Ringoes, NJ are also available.

Despite the extra attention to detail, fare is affordably priced, and SNAP cards are accepted.

"I want to provide a good product for a good price for the people who live around here," Roman said.

While Pan-Tree's grand opening was yesterday, the shop quietly opened its doors in its new location about two weeks ago, and a number of locals have already become regulars, Roman said.

Local residents watch as
Pan-Tree Deli owner Danny Roman
cuts the ribbon at Wednesday's
grand opening.
That's a change from Roman's last attempt to make Pan-Tree a success. The deli was formerly located on the 800 block of Bushkill Street, and the business struggled the couple of years it was located there, Roman said.

"It was a little slow down there, so when this opened up, I moved down here," he said.

West Ward Neighborhood Partnership
Director Esther Guzman, right, and project
coordinator Lynne Holden, center, chat
with another attendee during
Pan-Tree Deli's grand opening
Wednesday. WWNP has spearheaded
community garden projects and a number
of other initiatives in support of making
healthy foods more available in the
In addition to nearby residents, a number of city officials, representatives from Two Rivers Chamber of Commerce and the West Ward Neighborhood Partnership, and state Representative Robert Freeman attended the opening event and offered their best wishes for success, with all saying the store is just what the neighborhood needs.

"You've opened up a business close to my heart," said Mayor Sal Panto, whose family once ran a deli and butcher shop in the city. "I get excited about the small businesses in neighborhoods."

The mayor added that he thinks businesses that cater to locals and garner foot traffic are just what Easton needs.

"A community is not buildings, it's people," he said. "These are the things that are starting to change our neighborhoods."

Alison Miers, of the Two Rivers Chamber of Commerce,
helps to truss magician Stevie Blatz into a straightjacket,
which he promptly escaped from in front of the crowd
which gathered on the sidewalk.
Stevie Blatz walks on
real broken glass in front
of Pan-Tree Deli during the
corner store's grand
opening Wednesday
evening. Despite the chill,
he also stripped off his
shirt and laid down on the
bed of glass as well.
As the opening celebration attendees munched on samples of Pan-Tree's offerings, including sandwiches, Klein Farms cheese, smoothies made from raw milk yogurt, and homemade cookies, deejay Stevie Blatz, of Bethlehem Township, revealed his true calling.
A gathered crowd watches and
photographs magician Steve Blatz's
performance in front of Pan-Tree
Deli Wednesday evening.

Also a local stage magician, Blatz escaped from both a straitjacket and a mailbag, and walked on broken glass, drawing another small crowd on the sidewalk in front of the corner store.

Such performances seem unlikely to  happen regularly at Pan-Tree Deli, but pleasant surprises and the shop magically transforming into an integral, everyday part of the West Ward Easton community seems nearly a certainty.

Pan-Tree, located at 698 Northampton St., is open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Take out orders may be placed by phone at 610-253-2762.

Catering and other services also appear to be planned for Pan-Tree's future. Keep up with new developments at the deli's website at

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  1. I love this store.. I was there when pan-tree open up on 800 bushkill street . I actualy live couple of house down .. I came in all the time for icetea and different cupcakes and homemade cookies .. I wish Danny Roman all the success he deserves .. don't worry my friend I will be in and out of your new location .... My best wishes .. your friend Eric itterly