Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ProJeCt of Easton Gets $10,000 Donation from MileStone Bank

Albert Jinks, left, a member of MileStone Bank's
board of directors, presents ProJeCt board
member  Danny Cohen, right, with MileStone Bank’s
$10,000 donation to help support ProJeCt’s
Early Childhood Education program.
A $10,000 donation from a Bucks County based bank will support ProJeCt of Easton's early childhood education program, the community benefit service agency announced yesterday.

"We so greatly appreciate MileStone Bank’s support of our Early Childhood Education program. This kind of community support is essential to our ability to offer the program to low-income families and continue to promote early literacy skills," said ProJeCt Executive Director Janice Komisor.

The donation was made through the Pre-Kindergarten Scholarship Organization Tax Credit Program and presented to ProJeCt of Easton by Albert Jinks, a member of the MileStone Bank board of directors.

ProJeCt’s Early Childhood Education program is designed for low-income families with children aged three months to five years. Activities promote early reading skills, such as the ability to identify the sounds of letters. Children enrolled in this program also have a parent who is enrolled in one of ProJeCt's adult classes, thereby supporting family literacy and helping parents develop their skills as their child’s most important teacher.

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