Sunday, January 5, 2014

Easton City Council Reorganizes for New Year

Roger Ruggles was elected vice
mayor of Easton's city council
Thursday evening.
File photo
By Christina Georgiou

Three Easton city council members were sworn in to office again, and the council chose a new vice mayor Thursday evening during the council's annual reorganization meeting.

Roger Ruggles, after being installed, was elected vice mayor of the city council, taking over the position from fellow council member Ken Brown.

Jim Edinger was sworn in for his
first official term on Easton City
Council Thursday evening.
File photo
Jim Edinger, who was appointed in July to fill a vacancy left by the departure of Mike Fleck, was sworn in for his first official term on the city council. Edinger, who defeated Republican Kim Yedlosky in the November general election, formerly served for 19 years on the city's zoning hearing board.

Sandra Vulcano, who, like Ruggles, ran unopposed in November, began her fourth term on Easton's city council upon being sworn in Thursday evening.

While the reorganization meeting is traditionally also the time when new city council committees are also chosen, the positions were skipped over for the moment, though the council is expected to make new committee appointments, including the choosing of chairs to head each of the groups at their next regular meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, January 8.

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