Thursday, January 16, 2014

Planning Commission Says 'Yes' to Deli in Rehabbed Garage Space

By Christina Georgiou

Above, garage spaces at 321 South 10th Street in Easton's West Ward are
on track to become a new delicatessen and small grocery, shown in
this conceptual drawing.
The garage at 321 South 10th Street in Easton's West Ward as it appears
A run-down row of garages along South 10th Street in Easton's West Ward got city planning commissioners' approval Wednesday evening to be rehabbed and transformed into a delicatessen with seating for up to eight people and a small section of groceries.

Khalid Chohan, who said he purchased the property last year, told the board he plans to completely renovate the structure, and showed sketches of how the eatery will likely appear when complete, which he estimated will take about a year.

Chohan, who was accompanied by his attorney Thomas Elliot, also told commissioners he will replace the broken sidewalk in front of the building, noting, "You can't even walk down the sidewalk respectfully."

The business requires a variance because it lies in a mostly residential neighborhood, and also for parking, but planning commission members agreed the neighborhood will benefit from the shop and that most customers patronizing the business would be on foot from the surrounding blocks.

"I think what you've offered--we're glad to have it," said Planning Commissioner Ron Shipman. "It will be a big improvement."

Approval from the Easton Zoning Hearing Board is also necessary for the plan to go forward, and the potential new business' plan is on the agenda for this coming Monday's meeting.

If approved, Chohan said he hopes to have his new deli and grocery open in about a year.

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