Monday, September 2, 2013

Art Show Highlights Annual Scarf Bombing Event

Images from the Easton scarf-bombing event, "Chase the Chill", such
as the one above by Robin Phelps, will be highlighted at an art show
at the Family YMCA of Easton, Phillipsburg & Vicinity, starting today.
The show also includes the photography of Matt Smith of The
Express-Times and Christina Georgiou, publisher and editor of
The Easton Eccentric.

 Nearly four years ago, Easton textile artist Susan Huxley started "Chase the Chill", which celebrates the beauty and art of stitching, the worldwide yarn graffiti trend, and random acts of kindness.  Participating knitters and crocheters make hundreds of scarves that they hang outdoors for anyone to take on the first Saturday of November.

During the three years it has taken place, various photographers and news organizations have covered the event in Easton, as well in other places. The event has grown well past Easton's borders, too, with like efforts taking place as far away as Canada.

Starting today, the Family YMCA of Easton, Phillipsburg & Vicinity will exhibit photos highlighting photos of past Chase the Chill distributions and some of the scarves that will be part of this year’s Chase the Chill happening. Featured will be images by Christina Georgiou of The Easton Eccentric, local photographer Robin Phelps, and Matt Smith of The Express-Times.

An opening for the exhibit is set for Friday, September 6 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Family YMCA, located at 1225 West Lafayette St. The show runs until October 27.

"The purpose of this exhibit is to show you the faces, creativity, and energy that are the driving forces behind the annual Chase the Chill scarf giveaway," said Huxley, who is curating the event. "Thanks to this gallery, now there’s an opportunity to showcase the images of some of my favorite photographers...who have been documenting us crazy Chillers. In fact, no event feels complete without one of these talented people along for the ride. These shooters have taken a journalistic approach, yet there is an artfulness to their work. While sharing the same subjects, all three have created unique perspectives and styles."

For those who would like to take part in this year's Chase the Chill scarf bombing, or even just create a scarf for themselves or a loved one, there's plenty of opportunity to get involved.

There will be a community knit-in (and crochet, too) on Saturday, September 14 from 10 a.m. to noon. Anyone who wishes to participate should bring their needles, hook, and yarn to the upstairs lobby at the Family YMCA.

And, all of the scarves bombing the YMCA hall are for sale, with proceeds benefitting the Family YMCA of Easton and Chase the Chill.

Instructions for making individual scarves on display at the Family YMCA are available on the hand stitching website, While patterns are for sale, each of the displayed scarves has a date attached--that's the day people can download the instructions for free, Huxley notes.

"This is another step toward a new project about to launch, called 'Scarf a Day'. The name says it all: one scarf pattern every day, free," Huxley said.

Of course, people are also invited to donate any hand stitched scarves and/or yarn to this year's Chase the Chill too.

For more about this year's scarf bombing event in Easton, set for Saturday, November 2, visit the "Chase the Chill: The Original" Facebook page.

The Family YMCA gallery, located at 1225 Lafayette St., is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., and on Saturdays and Sundays rom 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information about the show, contact Lori Metz at 610-258-6158 or Kyra Lysynecky at 610-258-5055 or visit

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