Sunday, August 4, 2013

Crowds Throng to Lebanese Heritage Days Festival

By Christina Georgiou

For more than three and a half decades, the Lebanese Heritage Days festival held annually by Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic Church on South Fourth and Ferry streets in Downtown Easton has always been popular--and with great Lebanese food, dancing, live music, and lots of things to keep the kids happy and busy, it's no mystery why.

However, the crowd Saturday evening was especially huge, with smiling throngs of people of all ages at times packed nearly shoulder to shoulder inthe church's parking lot where the event is held.
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Both people of Lebanese descent and those of other nationalities and cultures enjoyed an evening filled with food, dancing, music, and fun.

Dance performances by young church members are a highlight of the event, and this year too, there were more dancers than ever, including a huge troupe of middle school age students, and, for the first time, a "reunion" troupe of five young women who, having aged out of the youth troupes, decided to perform for the appreciative crowd.

Once the formal dance routines were over, members of the crowd danced the night away to the strains of live music by Eddie Ossama until midnight.

The 36th Annual Lebanese Heritage Days festival resumes again today, from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.

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  1. Great event, The Lebanese community does everything right! the sorriest day in Eastons history is when they tore down all the old homes of mostly Lebanese Folks and they moved to the suburbs!

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  3. Looks great. Congratulations for another successful festival :)

  4. Thank you, Sheik! We had an amazing time. Finally the weather was just right! :) Last night felt like Eid al Rabb. We are a fortunate and blessed people. I hope it continues forever!

  5. To the commenter whose content has been removed: I said clearly earlier that trolling is not permitted on this site, and I mean it.

    1. BTW, the person you referred to WAS in fact there on Sunday. I saw and spoke with him personally.

    2. No offense Christina, but Alex was always a bit pretentious. He deserves anything that he gets and anything else coming his way. He always looked down his nose at people. I am surprised that you have been taken by this fraud. But the festival was really nice, too.

    3. This article and photo gallery is clearly about a very popular festival attended by a few thousand people, which also means a lot to a significant cultural community in the Easton area. Why you would seek to disparage one member of that community, when the piece is clearly not about that person nor even mentions him, does not reflect well on you.

      As for "fraud", you're mistaken. The man is an ordained priest of the Maronite Catholic Church. That fact has been verified.

      So sorry for whatever disagreements you might have, but publicly airing them, especially with mistruths and by seeking to disseminate lies, in this forum is rather ridiculous.

      Certainly, The Easton Eccentric always welcomes reader comments, lively discussion, and debate, even when we disagree with a stated opinion, but we do not tolerate personal attacks on anyone.

      Further off-topic discussion of personal disagreement(s) with this or any other individual, or attempts to disseminate information that has been verified as inaccurate will be deleted.

      That is and always has been our policy regardless of who is involved.

      Thanks for understanding, and thanks for reading The Easton Eccentric.

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