Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Arrested in Four Simultaneous Drug Raids

Five people were arrested early Friday morning after police raided three locations around the City of Easton and one on the edge of Wilson Borough, the Easton Police Department reports.

The Easton Police Vice and Special Response units and the Pennsylvania State Police Special Emergency Response Team, along with the PSP Clandestine Laboratory Team, executed four narcotics search warrants at approximately 6 a.m. at a first-floor apartment at 1332 Lehigh St., a second-floor apartment at 1521 Liberty St., at 55 South Fifth St. Apt. 5, and at 520 Monroe St., authorities said in a media release.

Methamphetamine labs were discovered at the Lehigh Street and Monroe Street homes, and the Clandestine Laboratory Team took lab materials into custody due to hazards related to storing the ingredients and equipment, the EPD said.

A stolen motercycle was also discoved at the Monroe Street location, and the Lehigh Valley Auto Theft Task Force is assisting in the investigated regarding the vehicle.

Police said three people were arrested at the Lehigh Street address:

  • Gary Everitt, 42, who lives at the apartment
  • Danielle Everitt, 36, who also lives at the apartment
  • Steven Kaiser, 45, who is reported as homeless

All three will face charges relating to possession and the manufacture of methamphetamine, police said. Additionally, Gary Everitt is expected to face charges related to the stolen motorcycle and stolen motorcycle parts.

Two people were also arrested at the South Fifth Street apartment, where two handguns were found, police report.

Steven Brown, no age given, and Connie Roskilly, 48, were both taken into custody and will face charges via a summons for possession of drug paraphernalia. 

The South Fifth Street residence was targeted by EPD detectives in the hopes of gaining evidence and/or information related to the shooting at South Seventh and Ferry streets that occurred on Thursday, July 25, police said, adding that the investigation into the handguns found and the shooting are ongoing. 

The Easton Police Special Response Unit executed the search warrants at the Lehigh Street and Liberty Street addresses, while the  Pennsylvania State Police team executed the search warrants at the South Fifth and Monroe Street locations.

The Wilson Police Department assisted with the 1521 Liberty St. search. Police did not say if evidence of any illegal activities was found at that location.

No one was reported to have been arrested at 520 Monroe Street. The property houses a small warehouse building.


  1. Who owns these properties? It's time to start publishing their names.

  2. According to Northampton County records:

    520 Monroe
    Mailing Address 664 NORTHAMPTON ST
    City, State, Zip Code EASTON, PA, 18042-4259

    1332 Lehigh
    Name(s) FAHL GARY T & SHARON L
    Mailing Address 1337 WASHINGTON ST
    City, State, Zip Code EASTON, PA, 18042-

  3. If you check on other similar sorts of articles on The Easton Eccentric, you'll find we often do publish who owns a property where a raid has been conducted.

    There are a variety of factors The Eccentric considers, though, when we do that, including whether or not the property owner is local, how long the tenant that has been charged was there (if it can be determined), the possible privacy issues immediate (and presumably innocent) neighbors might face, to name just a few.

    In this case, since four properties were involved in various investigations, and in one of the cases, the location was a warehouse where the owner may reasonably not have had reason to suspect what was allegedly going on, we made the judgment call to skip naming property owners. With so many locations involved, it also seemed like it might be somewhat confusing to the narrative of what happened to do so.

    However, knowing that our readers want it, in the future, we'll make more of an effort to include this information where it seems reasonable to do so and will add something to the piece.

    Thanks for reading!