Sunday, March 31, 2013

And in Other News...Sunday, March 31

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Finding pertinent information about "West Easton" could suddenly get interesting if Kim Kardashian goes with one preferred baby name--"Easton"--which would make the child's full name be "Easton West".

It's spring, and that means even more scams are out there.

Scams, fraud, and theft aren't just a local thing. No one's safe, not even a Supreme Court Justice.

Looking for a job? Watch out for scammers during your job hunt too...

This organization, however, is no scam, and useful if you're looking for new employment or need to update your training or education to further your career.

Of course, going to school or training for better certifications means taking tests. A (sugar) pill or the equivalent may help you get a better score.

Also, when it comes to boosting academic performance, the arts matter.

Unsurprisingly, better educated parents feed their children better quality foods.

With all the restaurants in Easton and the interest in fresh, high quality, locally produced food, we think this could totally work here.

And, as long as we're on the subject of culinary delights, we might as well include beer. Small craft brewers are asking for a federal tax cut--which would be all the better for Easton's craft brewery operations.

Mixed-use neighborhoods have lower crime rates than purely commercial districts.
(Credit goes to Easton Planning Department for this one--thanks!)

It's been noted that violent crime, at least in Easton, is mostly limited to the segments of the population that get mixed up in dangerous drugs and gang activities. Should gun shot woundings and deaths be treated like a disease?

Turning to a totally different kind of danger, here's one more reason we need to focus on clean, renewable energy production methods--"...the waste produced by coal plants is actually more radioactive than that generated by their nuclear counterparts..."

But some corporations and billionaires may be attempting to influence federal judges.

Here's some random useful and amusing stuff:

If any of the hors d'oevres or prepared snacks you plan on serving this Easter happen to say "Farm Rich" on the box, you might want to hold off on eating them.

Got a catchy pop tune you hate stuck in your head? There's an easy cure for that.

Animals are probably a lot smarter than most people give them credit for.

These lawmakers in Tennessee that got their undies in a bunch over who might be washing their feet in a lavatory mop sink make Pennsylvania's state legislature look positively progressive.

But if that's not odd enough, check this out. Involving a professional hater, a naked 500-pound man, religious masochists, and a tabloid interviewer, this has to be the weirdest Easter-related news story ever.

Happy Easter!

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